Top Tips And Tricks To Know City Of Love: Paris: Mobile Game

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Top Tips And Tricks To Know City Of Love: Paris: Mobile Game

A complete story based mobile game where you need to create your love story is the City of Love Paris. It permits all the users to improve real-life mental skills and perform actions what they want. Each story or level becomes hard for the player to clear it correctly and to enjoy more. Each player can select their role in the story and need to choose options for performing the next action. Knowing about some tips and tricks helps a player to clear more stories or level quickly without taking much stress.

  • Enhance your energy

Energy is the only one source from which a player can survive last long in every story. When one player goes to choose an option, he/she needs to expend 20 energy bars per action. One can only do 5 activities per day in order to spend the energy bars.

Each day in the story, every player gets 100 energy, so don’t let them waste on wrong choices. Try to explore more ideas while making a perfect choice. With that, you can easily pass the level and can refill energy. If one needs to perform more actions per day, then he/she needs to purchase power from the app store.

  • The decision should be treated equally

Every decision in story making is essential for the user as from the right decision; they can create a perfect love story. One needs to treat every choice equally in order to get higher outcomes. There is no need to spend more time or overthink on a single option. After each, one can make significant decisions and can achieve the right goal. Yes, you can make it enjoyable by choosing the right choice.

  • Try out different paths

Don’t fear to try different ways! It’s your own story to create. Try different ways to impress the character and to make a perfect love story. Trying different paths on various episodes makes a player master of story games and allowed to get many benefits.