Special event of Ancient World and Magical World events of Dragon City

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Addiction and attraction of Dragon City game need not any introduction as millions of players all over the world playing it hours and hours of the day. But still some of the players are new or entry level person for this game. For them we can provide the detail of Dragon City game.

player of the game has to play with dragons in this game and gamer can collect as many as dragons in the game to erect his city of dragons and breed them and use them for protecting his city from other master players of the game online. For neophyte there is another feature that is Dragon City Hack to collect dragon in the game and use their skills in battle.

Build own island

Player of the game starts the game by building an island which can also be called as magical city or dragon city. Player fills it with habitat, buildings and of course dragons!

Evolve and feed dragons

Player feeds his dragons and makes them evolve them into strong beasts. Player trains them and teaches them new skills which are helpful in battle and protecting his city too!

Collect hundreds of Dragons

The player of Dragon City is able to collect more than 600 hundreds of different elements and dragons of different skills and strengths. With it player can be the top player in collection of dragons in the game! Novice player can collect powerful dragon with the help of Dragon City Hack and can overpower other players of the game.

Battle and get upper hand in the game

Either the player new or old one is able to have battle against master players of the game as well as online players and win leagues and tournaments.