Critical Ops – overturn your defeat into victory

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The shooting game has been developed for the lover of action and by Critical Force Entertainment. The game player takes a role of a hotshot counter-terrorist agent who stats a campaign against some of the most corrupt person on the blue planet known as Earth. The player has to join the team of friends to make the mission a success. The work of rooting out such people seems easy to do but hard nut to crack. For this the developer also hand you over the Critical Ops Cheats to take help against the terrorists of the planet in co- op campaign.

 Main tasks to do in Critical Ops

The player first of all, has to build a team of other s player with in these team friends and random players can be selected. Before playing they have to spend some time to opt for the weapons and they can go for terrorist or counter- terrorist teams.

Three modes to enjoy with

The game has split into three modes to play with named Defuse, Deathmatch, and third is Gun Game.

In the first mode terrorists have planted C4 bomb which needs to be defused. Second type is DeathMatch where player kills the enemies and gain more score. The player’s team has to start with an MP5 and go through advance levels. If you find any kind of difficult to deal with the game then Critical Ops Cheats are designed as a solution to it.

Special shop is designed with special motto

There is a special shop of credits where the player can purchase credits from. Credits should also be earned by completing the daily quest and different tasks. The credits game currency is also useful tool to open up weapon skin packs which have random weapon skins and give weapons a new and attractive look with unique appearance.